Friday, November 28, 2008


Trust my dear friends is a very difficult thing. Letting yourself be close to some one is a very difficult thing, guile makes monsters of us all. Yet I cannot help but be reminded of a literary reference, (ironically I have never read the book but....) it is Fyodor Dostoevskys Idiot.

To the best of my understanding the point was that to tell the truth all the time will lead to ruin.( echoing the voice of Machiavelli that just as much harm can be done by good as by evil.) This lesson is all too piercing, this reality all too painful. This world that we live in can bring us to the edge of madness, yet how can this be? We are a democracy not a dictatorship. We cannot all be so self deluded. I resist the implications that we are. We need to survive but we need justice and conviction as well. We need to be strong and we need to be good. There is a time and a place for deception but it should not be among friends.

There is a reason I joined the Liberal party of Canada.

When I was young, had already had enough. Society felt distant and cold. Education was a bondage not the joy that it is to me today and love was something I could only dream I gave up and sat in bed for weeks. Then one day my father forced me out of bed, then told me "Brett I will buy you a ticket to anywhere in the world it will not be better then here". While I may have disagreed with what he truly meant, I learned something worthwhile. Something in me snapped and I came to realize, that I would need to fight for the beauty in this world. If I ever wanted to live with myself that is. From that day I started walking. Here I am.

Tonight I was lying in bed listening to a meditation tape. My friend Tim insisted I listen too it (Blew my mind by the way). It helped me remember something I though that I had forgotten. People can be good and that things can change. This is a simple lesson but it is easy to forget and lose hope. If some one reading this loses hope then remember, I will fight until my dying breath and I have dedicated my life to this pursuit. You are not alone and if you are you don't need to be. Honor is not a myth, while there are no perfect people. There are good ones.

People in their hearts are fundamentally good and I have proof. This is how I know about the basic goodness in our hearts. Simply, we just want to be safe.

I cannot look at vicious people with disgust anymore and I can blame them no more then I could a sick man. We need good medicine to cure this ,to come together and rely on each other. We cannot all be a Judas. We are noble when we are not traumatized. We need to stop being victims of our past and become designers of our future. We need to be human again.

What I want is to know that a child can be safe. To grow up and dream. What I want is for families to be secure. I want this world to be just. And most of all I want to be free...


penlan said...

Nice post & good insight. Uplifting - sorely needed right now.

What was the meditation tape you were listening to?

Brett McDowell said...

It was Sphinx of Imagination by Hypnotica. It was really cool, I think I am gonna need to steal it from him.