Monday, November 24, 2008

Holding Together

Sometimes we have a chance to do something worth while. In spite of the cynicism that may grip us. In spite of the imperfections that surround us. In spite of the weakness of our own character. We can find reason to hope.

I get through this by remembering my dream and taking every step to reach it. I get up each morning with the sole purpose of fighting for Humanity, Justice, and Efficiency.

All my life I have dreamed of embodying these virtues. Yet at times I have chased shadows, I have failed. If only for a few moments. I cannot deny my utter foolishness, this world is greater then me and always will be. I cannot escape this. We can take comfort in finding elders and friends who have walked the same path. With any luck, they have become much more adapt in walking this path. I am grateful for people like this to look up to, who teach me valuable lessons. I am happy to have people who can teach me to be a better man. We are honor bound to carry the torch for a new generation. To expand humanity at its very core.

Only when we question everything can we ever truly gain stable ground within ourselves. Only once we have aspired to stability, can we truly come to terms with what is right.

At the very core of liberalism there is a deep commitment to the refinement of perspective. This is essential to our party and our principles. How tragic would it be to forget that we must look at ourselves honestly each day.

"If my life is to be prolonged now, I know that I must live out my old age, seeing worse, hearing less, learning with more difficulty, and forgetting more and more of what I have learned. If I see myself growing worse and reproach myself for it, tell me, how could I continue to live pleasantly? " Socrates

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