Monday, May 4, 2009

CTV is not Journalism

I have said it time and time again. CTV news is not objective political news. Look at 3:30 on this video.

Now, drum sarcastic stereotypical blogger drum roll please.....

Micheal Ignatieff to raise taxes!


I am known for my stance on ethics and my more traditional view of honor. At 3:30 the body language clear indicates that she is aware of everything she is doing. She is telegraphing guilt and is extremely nervous about being called on it. At 3:47 the second Nik accepts the frame and continues to speak she leans back in relief. You can even see that she is holding her breath in anticipation, of Niks response.

Alltough this is the not the first time CTV has stoopped to this level, I cannot help but be disapointed.  Democracy is a privaledge and a great gift that has been passed down to us by our grand parrents, who have fought, struggled and died defending it. We dishonor those who have fought racism and opression to stimulate evolution within our society.

We have a duty to our country and that is to act with honor. We will not disrespect the elders that fought a racist government that made the noblest ceremonies illegal.

We have a duty to up hold standards of respect an decency. To abandon this is to fail as a Canadian.

The current Conservative Party is a blight on the very soul of Canada.