Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally starting to feel right

I sat down with the guys/girls on my executive today to hammer out the AGM. It has been postponed for various silly reasons. Needless to say during leadership, it made people suspicious and I indulged it more then I should have. This leadership will not tear us a part, and we can finally start getting back on track. I have always heard stories about the Diamond days in Manitoba. Liberal shot glasses and condoms while fighting for gay rights sounded like a blast. Made me really start thinking and reminded me of Atlantic Caucus when Denise was so passionate about gay rights that she was almost in tears. I have allot of respect for that because, that is the kind of passion we need as aspiring politicians. A profound love of Humanity, Justice and Efficiency should permeate our existence.

Honestly we have been in a slump. We did not even make it out to Western Caucus, which is embarrassing to say the least. Now is a good time to make a change. I am looking past where we were to where we will be, and it puts a smile on my face. After the meeting today we just sat around talking about morality, justice and international relations. I love to talk about peacekeeping. If you ever want to get my attention for an hour, talk to me about how we can save innocent lives and I am yours

Off topic...check this out.

Jonathan Haidt: The real difference between liberals and conservatives at It is a seriously wicked lecture. (

But the nice thing is that it started to feel like it should. It wasn't back stabbing or political posturing, we actually acted like responsible young liberals should.

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