Saturday, November 22, 2008

Political Canabalism

Political circumstance, specifically leadership conventions, can cause otherwise cooperative individuals to be at odds with each other in every ways. The underlying issue here is that rationality has now left the building, it becomes a game of survival and benefit. The real commitment to political issues are lost.

We as a democracy and as political parties have a terrible pattern of falling into extended periods of madness.

We need to actively question ourselves and our motives. The reality is that many of us are siding with candidates for less then noble reasons. This is my first leadership convention and I have not had the wonderful experience of being desensitized to it, nor am I the kind of man who will take things at face value.

You cannot have a true just society with out politicians who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of our society. This sacrifice is our own, we must be willing to lose for our nation to win.

When leadership becomes a fist fight instead of a dialogue we are a shadow of our true selves. We do a great disservice to our party and most importantly to Canada.

A dear friend of mine has said something that must be heard.

"When personal freedom is conditional on the actions of others, we become beggars of circumstance. Freedom is an approach, not a condition. All the hope in my heart rests alone on my shoulders."

In a world where we are sometimes blissfully ignorant of peoples intent, we cannot deny the existential isolation that we all feel. The reality is that all desires and thoughts comes from some place that only we can know. This is life, but I can only hope that through right action and right intention we can some how navigate our own hearts. Then maybe, just maybe shine bright enough to bridge the distance and peek through the keyhole. Into the hearts of others, outside the tyranny of ourselves.

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