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Israel and Gaza in Context.

Israel and Gaza in Context.

There is absolutely nothing constructive to gain from taking sides in this conflict. Both parties are guilty of crimes and injustice. Most people are not experts in the conflict and therefor get caught up in the emotionally compelling aspects of this conflict. With out any doubt this is one of the most seductive longstanding conflicts, so much so that we as outsiders get very emotionally invested in it. A significant aspect of this conflict is that both sides seek to direct our opinion, for their own personal benefit. We must be Peace makers and we cannot do this if we take sides needlessly.

Here is some important back ground information that is not commonly known, but important in understanding the context of the conflict:

First of all, many are unaware of the Irgun and the King David Hotel bombing. In this note I will not go into great detail (This is a note not an essay), however I encourage you to research these events and draw your own conclusions.

The King David Hotel bombing was essentially the birth of modern terrorism. A bombing designed to capture the attention of the world media. This was also a false flag operation.

The Palestinian refugee crisis resulted from many causes. However it did not result for a radio broadcast by the Arab nations calling Palestinians to leave their homes, this has been a hallmark of Israels position. This has been confirmed by the CIA and the BBC.

A large percentage has been attributed to the actions of the Pre-Israeli forces of the time period. I am aware of how controversial a topic this is and I will only touch on this lightly as it is not essential to my premise. However it is important to know. ( I understand Wikipedia is not the best, but not everyone here has access to Google Scholar.)

Another significant event is the Deir Yassin massacre, I suggest you look into that event.

Irgun was disbanded after the war of 1948, however similar yet more sophisticated tactics continued to be used my Israel. Here are some notable false flag operations:

Lavon Affair:

Operation Entebbe:

USS Liberty Incident:

John Gunther Dean Assassination Attempt :

There are several other possible events that I have not included because the evidence is to speculative.

Some of these events have been used in Anti-Jewish/NWO conspiracy theories. These theories are narcissistic speculation used to create a fictitious sense of self importance in an other wise socially/professionally incompetent individual. If someone sends me another David Ike Reptilian video, I will eat your SOUL!

I have heard many people claim that Hamas uses human shields. There are documented instances when Israel has done the same thing. Both side are guilty.

Amnesty International Reports


There have also been reports of Israel using human shields in the current conflict.

Israel has also repeatedly used banned munitions. While white phosphorus is technically not illegal, it is problematic none the less.

Cluster Bombs

White Phosphorus

I assume everyone reading this understand the violations that Hamas has committes. If not research Hamas...right now.

Now another issue that demonstrates some of the problematic elements is how Israel runs its counter insurgency operation. First off to acquaint you with what not to do in a counter insurgency:

The Algerian conflict demonstrated one maxim of counter insurgency operations, Torture creates terrorism. This a is a fact. The Muslim brother hood and Egypt reinforces this point, and gave us Dr. Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri the second in command and ideological leader of al-Qaeda . (Read the section French counter-insurgency operations)

Terrorism and in this case terrorist insurgencies thrive on circumstance that facilitates dehumanization. (Read David Grossman on Killing) I am stealing this quote form Wikipedia but it is surprisingly good...When people become things, the logic follows, they become dispensable - and any atrocity can be justified.

You cannot facilitate the dehumanizing process in a counter insurgency. Israel has willfully disregarded this process with absolutely predictable results. Gravity works, this is a fact. You cannot have a terrorist insurgency with out a circumstance that facilitates widespread dehumanization, that is a fact. This has been consistent in every insurgency to date.

The Shin Bet has admitted to torturing Palestinians on a significant scale. Perpetrators have even gone as far as to described it as ``Holy Work``. This is absolutely un-acceptable, why because it facilitates the dehumanization process and is terrible intelligence work. As a general rule nations/groups only use torture on groups that they have dehumanized. It is just shameful intelligence work.

(Note* Fatah uses torture as well)

Now the case of Algeria teaches us that torture only strengths the insurgency. Israels treatment of detainees constitutes negligence in an insurgency operation.

I have said time and time again that the greatest ideological challenge of our generation is the refinement of the democratic process. The current assault has been conspicuously timed with the Israeli election and a drop in the polls for the current government. Now that the assault is underway, the government has climbed in the polls. Correlation with the US Presidential inauguration is suspicious as the past government has supported Israel 100% for the last 8 years. Even going so far as to adopt its similar interrogation methods. The opinion of the President elect has yet to be determined, however it is rational to assume that given his stated morality, he will not be to offer the same carte blanche. All of this creates a specific sense of urgency. I have no doubts that the rockets will be used as rationalization for the assault and the blockade a rationalization for the rockets...and the circle continues....

In no way shape or form is Israel a moral beacon. What we have here is two warring factions who have so much blood on their hands that assigning blame has become irrelevant. The conflict needs to end, both sides are perpetuating it. They are simply two warring factions, who are both guilty of war crimes. We need to act as impartial mediators. If we take the role of Peace maker there is absolutely no logic in taking side in this conflict.

“Don't get down in the mud with the pigs. You will both get dirty and the pigs love it”

Unless we remain above the emotions that perpetuate this conflict, we cannot hope to help. Both sides are responsible for the current crisis and neither party has an objective moral high ground. Whether it is the rocks or the incursion, no party can be absolved of responsibility.

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