Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The wise have no obligation to the ignorant?

Except respect and understanding. Many who embrace ignorance, have never truly had respect or understanding. How do we deal with this problem? It is a very circumstantial issue.

Fundamentally many of our political problems are problems of character, and one thing I can be truly grateful of is that I have learned this lesson well. Even in youth politics we are at each others throats. Even in our own party....

I forget the humility of working under a noble elder. More then anything, I think that part of our culture is truly missing...perhaps I project to much of my own desire for first nations culture on contemporary Canadian society.

At least when I hear the drum, I can see what I hope for.

Am I a fool to believe that social institutions should be a pillar of our society. Noble institutions that represent the best of our society. Or perhaps I am simply becoming jaded like I knew I would, like I was warned. I by no means have been perfect in this endeavor, I have made many mistakes treated people in ways that I am not proud of. All because it was in the same spirit as those who have surrounded me. How am I not the ignorant here, I wish I could have been a better man. To have built these relationships in a better way. I started out this way, truly I did...but slowly day, after, day, and week after week, I started to change.

And I have forgiven myself for this. It is true wisdom to understand the balance of necessity, goodness and peace. So for now I struggle, at least I know I am a fool. At the very least it gives me something to work with.

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