Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tory Times are Tough Times

We sit battered and bruised from the second worst liberal defeat in our history, but let us not forget that from the ashes of Turner came Jean Chretien and a solid decade of Liberal Leadership. This was the time where we prevailed, when Canada prevailed.

In spite of how much I disagree with the late Tommy Douglas, we can all agree as Canadians that Tory times are tough times. We simply hold on... weather the storm and wait for an opportunity to break free.

Mr. Harper we are not going to roll over and die. We will not let the very things that define us as Canadians be stripped away, we need to fight! Even more so we need this fight! To renew ourselves, learn from our mistakes and reemerge with more ferocity than the Tories ever thought possible.

We are the Liberal Party of Canada and we will prevail.

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